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FHA Kitchen Appliance Requirements

Did you know FHA does not require that all kitchen appliances be present?

The main issue regarding appliances is whether they’re ‘built-in’ or ‘slide-in.’ Built-in appliances are considered real property and therefore are required by FHA however; slide-in appliances such as a slide-in stove are considered personal property and therefore are not typically required by FHA.

Regardless of built-in or slide-in; any appliances that are present must be in good working order and not a threat to the safety of the home or its occupants. Additionally, if a slide-in ‘gas’ stove is not present then the gas line leading to the stove area should be capped; which is generally the same rule for ‘gas’ dryers.
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Most Common FHA Appraisal Repair Items

There can be a lot of different issues that come up during an FHA appraisal inspection. Some, however, seem to appear more frequently than others. These are issues Temecula homeowners should be aware of when taking part in an FHA refinance or when selling their home to an FHA buyer as any of these items could delay the closing of your transaction. Therefore, whenever possible it’s a good idea to prepare in advance by correcting any of these items prior to the appraiser performing an FHA inspection of the property.

The main goal when an FHA appraiser looks at a home is to look for the three S’s – safety, soundness, and security. Everything on the appraiser’s checklist is meant to ensure the property is safe, habitable and that the home will serve as proper security or collateral for an FHA loan.
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